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What programmers don’t tell you – threat to e-commerce projects

Opublikowany: 30/01/2017

Most of programmers have a clear goal – to deliver products of the highest quality, in the quickest possible time, or for as little money as possible (according to the submitter’s priorities). Other requirements include more and more continuous delivery and works with a broader range of modern platforms. Where do, however, the most frequent fault which cost internet project operators lots of wasted funds happens?

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Report – December 2016

Opublikowany: 12/01/2017

December was marked by the ongoing Christmas season, during which, traditionally, spikes in traffic of e-shops, which were experiencing the most critical period of the year, had been dealt with. Some e-shops showed their weaknesses in the application, which was, in cooperation with our admins and developers of our clients, necessary to optimize, and possibly to increase the infrastructure performance. Many large e-shops we manage were, however, according to our recommendations very well prepared for the Christmas season this year (both in terms of infrastructure and in terms of test environment and tests performance).

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What 2016 was like for VSHosting

Opublikowany: 04/01/2017

I do not want to start my speech talking about boring numbers, but I’m going to mention at least a couple of the major ones. The VSHosting’s turnover in 2016 has grown by 30%, the number of servers by nearly 800 of new servers in the data center, the number of experts in the team has increased by 40%, and we have more than 200 important new clients. Year 2016 has been very extraordinary for us. It has been probably the most hectic year we’ve experienced so far. We’ve worked in parallel on many new projects both for specific clients and on new services. This year we’ve managed to complete and successfully launch the new CloudMail services and ManagedCDN. As early as from the first day of the operation of this service, using the ManagedCDN, we’ve been accelerating websites of several our global clients in the USA. While staying fully operational, we’ve managed to complete the second construction phase of our ServerPark (capacity increase of 100%), which capacity is after 1.5 years of its operation more than half full. Thanks to the TIER IV technological standard for the key infrastructure and to fine-tuned emergency and service processes of our HW/DC Department, which is since the beginning of this year led by a new experienced Teamleader, in the whole of 2016, ServerPark wasn’t affected by any technological disaster that our clients could feel in any way.  In December, we also launched the first part of the infrastructure in New York and Los Angeles.

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The ServerPark is extended with further stages

Opublikowany: 17/02/2016

We put the ServerPark into operation in August of 2015 and as early as after six months the whole first part of the ServerPark (the first stage) was occupied.  Thus, now we are extending the ServerPark with further stages thus extending the space and technological equipment to the final status of 8,000 servers. Another stage will be completed by the summer and by now almost 1/3 of this capacity under construction has already been sold.
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